Fantastic Brandpackage for SALE!

  • Amazing Story for Transformation, Technology and Culture
  • 11 registered domains
  • registered trademarks (EUIPO & UK)
  • Accounts on twitter, linkedin, xing
  • trademark was only used for a PoC in a B2B-SaaS-Startup with limited range
  • if required: pre-registered legal entity available (German GmbH)

The Story

Around 5000 years ago, people in a beautiful mesopothamian city experienced the greatest transformation mankind had ever experienced.
It was a transformation that provided food, safety, knowledge and unseen possibilities for personal and economic growth.

Within a very short time, innovations like the wheel, the first written language, artificial watering and even the first brewed beer ignited a cultural, technological and entrepreneurial revolution.

This city was the place to be. It was here, where the foundation was laid for exponential growth in human capabilities.

The name of this city was Kutalla.

History will look back at us with a similiar perspective. If you are an evolutional contributor and looking for a great brand that tells your ambitions, please feel free to contact me. The trademark “kutalla” is up for sale, including a whole bunch of domains and social media accounts!

What's included:

  • EUIPO Word Trademark (classes 9, 35, 41, 42)
  • UKIPO Word Trademark (classes 9, 35, 41, 42)
  • A logo design that reflects the “K” in cuneiform writing
  • 11 domains (,,,,,,,,,,
  • Twitter account: kutalla
  • LinkedIN Page:
  • Xing Page:
  • optional: the German legal entity kutalla GmbH

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